The Seneschal is the facilitator and administrator of the Barony, and is the legal representative of the SCA at the local level. 

Highland Foorde’s current Seneschal is Lord Vilhjelmr Larensson

The Chatelaine is the smiling face ready to greet and assist newcomers and is also responsible for the inventory of the Gold Key.

Our current Chatelaine is Lady Caran DeBurgh

The Minister of Arts and Sciences promotes the arts and sciences within the Barony and seeks to foster participation in the arts in all of their forms.

Our current Minister of Arts and Sciences is Lady Harper an Cu

The Knight’s Marshall oversees all combat activities in the Barony. The Marshals of Archery, Equestrian, Rapier, and Thrown Weapon combat are deputies of the Knight’s Marshall.

Our current Knight’s Marshall is Sir Gaius Tascius Severus Fabianus (Sir Tash).

The Minister of the Lists organizes and documents Tournaments and keeps record of Fighter Authorizations.

Our current Minister of the Lists is Epy Pengelly, Armiger.

The Chronicler is responsible for the collection and publication of Populace Meeting minutes and the Baronial Newsletter, Undercurrents. They also serve as Social Media Officer.

Our current Chronicler is Aurri La Borgne.

The Youth Minister is responsible for promoting youth activities and guiding young members through the Society.

We are currently without a Youth Minister. Please contact the Seneschal if you would like to take on this rewarding position.

The Baronial Herald is responsible for making announcements to the Populace, assisting with submissions for Names and Devices to the College of Heralds, and may speak with the voice of Their Excellencies during Courts and on the List Field at Tournaments.

Our current Baronial Herald is Baron Fergus of Hanna.

The Exchequer is the branch treasurer and is responsible for recording and reporting on all financial matters.

Our current Exchequer is Lady Thórvé Skáld Rikardsdottir.

The Webminister maintains the official Baronial website and serves as an Administrator on all Baronial social media.

Our current Webminister is Scandal mac Rofir.